Power of Boot-Strapping

What is Boot-Strapping:

In general parlance, bootstrapping usually refers to the starting of a self-sustaining process that is supposed to proceed without external input.

Let me share an important story of my life. It my experience which i faced, Today I’ll share and tell you about “How to build a Company from Zero Dollar” here is an inspirational Story.


Hi, I’m Abu Bakar Sadeeq – A bootstrapping Entrepreneur from Pakistan. I Started my Startup from Boot-strapping. My Startup aim to automate the Grain Market (Ghalla Mandi) through IT services. I didn’t have even a penny to start my Startup. But i didn’t lose hope. It was only my passion which helped me alot to do it. Well! I surveyed into Grain Market, By Profession I’m an IT Professional, but for the sake of my Startup, I spent my 25 in Grain Market to learn about their Architecture, in the meanwhile i learned the whole automation process and pain points to solve, on the other hand I got 2 GOD father customers as well. It was really a good time for me, it was looking like my dream will really coming true in some months. Now its going really well. We are currently into the build stage of our Ghalla Store Product. But it was really a great way to learn.

I’m currently a Microsoft Student Partner, IT Student in IU Bahawalpur, I with my Developer Partner developed 126 Windows Store Apps just in 4 months.

At the end, my advice for all the young Entrepreneurs is “Don’t go for the VC & Investors, If you have talent then do Bootstrap your company. As VC is a time bomb.

Best Regards,
Abu Bakar Sadeeq.


Plan 9 & Acumen Social Entrepreneurship

Start Your Own Business Today! www.plan9.pitb.gov.pk


Plan9 PITB provide the following facilities to transform your business idea into a profitable company:

· Free office space at arfa software technology park, Lahore

· Free laptops for six moths

· Monthly stipend for each team member

· Free un-interrupted electricity and hi-speed Wifi connection

· All expenses paid international trips to attend conferences and programs

· Mentioning sessions by highly qualified and experienced professionals without any charges

· Free legal services to register your company with SECP

· Connections with leading local and foreign business investors

· Training workshops(soft skills and technical) by accomplished trainers without any charges

· Free business development and marketing consultancy

· Connections with potential customers and users

Eligibility Criteria:

· Be a pakistani citizen

· Need to have a business idea with a tech company

· It’s open for everyone. Women are encouraged to apply

· Need to have a strong, self-motivated & skillful team

Shortlisted applicants will present their business ideas to a panel of judges at one of the following plan9 Launchpad events:

Last date to apply

April 23, 2014


1. Plan 9 & acumen social entrepreneurship (Lahore April 26-27, 2014

2. Lahore May 03-04, 2014

3. Islamabad May 10-11, 2014

4. Karachi May 17-18, 2014


Where ideas take light







Can you resolve global problem using technology?

Start your own business today!


Apply online now for Pakistan’s largest incubator: www.plan9.pitb.gov.pk

A project of

Punjab information technology board,

Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

Tel: 92-42-3588062 Ext. 1205, 1206 |email: incubator.pitb@punjab.gov.pk |facebook:/plan9pitb | twitter:@plan9incubator

Contact : www.plan9.pitb.gov.pk

Launch of Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise & Management (AISEM)

Congratulations to My Biz Pakistan and Akhuwat!! Well done Mr. Amer Qureshi. Best wishes from my side to you.

ImageMr. Amer Qureshi Stated as :

“I am very excited to inform you that the collaboration between Akhuwat and My Biz Pakistan’s that started a few months ago has now led us to the point of launching the first My Biz Incubation Centre in Lahore. This is a unique concept aimed at Micro Entrepreneurs and will help them to break through the cycle of poverty.

The official launch of the centre will be in Lahore, this Friday, the 18th of April at 11am. If you are able to attend, it would be wonderful!

Please see the invitation attached for details. Your attendance along with your prayers for our success would be welcomed”

Political Obstacles for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

As we know about the current status of Pakistani Politics let me try to brief & enlightening some stops for the Entrepreneurial Substances. It is some sort of my ideas accord with example of developing and under developed states and strategies building of under developed countries, I am studying different research article on poverty alliance on South-Asia country being a student of information technology and public administration going to develop the model special the case studying of Pakistan. The variable of this model is Political environment, accountability of Public institutes, investment plan for SME, how to reduce the corruption, most important component is policy and modification of policy and current issues to which we are facing.


Now just snap-shot of whole model with few examples:

Political Environment of Country:

Political environment depends upon the political environment dear so India and Pakistan has similar political environment but India is progressing more rapidly and also the corruption is increasing but their political environment is stable because their developing political environment is depending conses oriented mean elected by the people and now their complain of elections show that liberal environment dear I am not supporting the old story of democracy always talk about the system.

Investment Plans for SME:

As few day before I read a status that entrepreneurship is best way to boost the economy but according to my definition is superb way to boost the social economic and environment of country but still depending on the policy of country like china is increase the investment in their local states and give the best example

Reduce the corruption:

Corruption refer toward the injustice of environment which is run in any system now most of the political scientist come toward the result that it is parallel economy of any country who is just like parasite on economy it cannot eliminated but it can reduce only the way providing accountable system so currently our system are not system depended it is personal depended and always change with the change of person so we should change the thing and should developed the system which will be remain working if people are changed but their working of institute are not changed.

Improvement and Modification of Policy making:

Policy is the frame work of the country according to which government provided the services to the common people so many developed country change and modified their policy according development of such as Indian health policy and investment on increasing water reservoir are increased and china policy is modified accordingly investment of Local investment in short Bangladesh change their policy of investment. So problem can be identify and change of policy is accord and in which rate of tax will satisfied the need of common man. Beautiful example of policy making of Hazrat Omar Farooq(R.A) system.

In-short and true reality of our system is that we have no system and economy is boost in 2009 and 1956 is best period for the Pakistan because foreign investor invested in Pakistan. Industry is boost and local government model are implemented but democratic government ruined it. I think and believe just system are build rest of all problem will be solve but it take time.

Note: This topic is actually was the status on my Post, I just modified this comment and made the Post. Indeed Great thoughts by Mudassar Akhtar.


The Founder & CEO of SEPLAA Foundation & iCxMrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, signed an MoU with the IUB Vice Chancellor to launch the iCx SEPLAA at IUB for the youth of Bahawalpur! Indeed Great efforts made by Team SEPLAA & IUB. Now hoping for the best Social Entrepreneurial Startups & Best Product with SEPLAA’s First Incubation Cycle.

So this is really a great step for Bahawalpuri Youth, Now it your turn to do something out of the box. Solve some social problem through IT & provided Entrepreneurial Environment.

The event took place on the 8th of April, 2014 (Tuesday) at IUB.

Visit the link for the event photographs.

New Lessons Learned from Berkeley & Stanford Lean LaunchPad Classes

What a Great Way you write Mr. Steve Blank. I’m your Big FAN. You are my first teacher about Startups & Entrepreneurship. Stay Blessed

Steve Blank

Our Stanford and Berkeley Lean LaunchPad classes are over for this year, and as usual we learned as much from teaching the teams as the teams did from us.

Here are a few of the Lessons Learned from these two classes.

Have each team talk to 10 customers before the class starts
Each year we learn how to move more of the Lean LaunchPad class logistics outside our classroom so teams have more time for in-class learning.

A few years ago, we moved the formation of teams’ to before the class started and in doing so, saved a week of what normally be an in-class time activity. To make this happen, we hold three “information sessions” two weeks apart before the class starts. In these “info sessions” we describe the purpose of the class, and then let students mix, meet and form teams. During this pre-class time we share a…

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Launch of Impact Change Accelerator(ICX) at The Islamia University Bahawalpur

Yeah! A good step has been taken for the youth of Bahawalpur, Now Bahawalpuris will be up by their Social Entrepreneurial Ideas to change the system and help people and solve local issues through IT. 
Well Good Step. Thanks Ma’m Ammara Farooq Malik for the best introductory session on Social Entrepreneurship. 

Now Hoping for the best, At-last, someone did efforts to change the mindset of Bahawalpuri Youth. Wish you good luck. And my wish to be the part of Impact Change Xcelerator-SEPLAA Foundation First incubation cycle. 
ImageImpact Change Xcelerator (iCx), a project of the SEPLAA Foundation is an innovative Social Entrepreneurship for Peace-building Incubator based in Pakistan. The iCx mission is to promote the idea of social entrepreneurship amongst youth, women and professionals with the intention that once there is economic empowerment that not only creates economic opportunities but also fills a social gap through IT, there will be an increased inclination towards maintaining peace in the region.

Indeed Good efforts by DCS & IT IUB Staff & Students. IUBains Join it and change the world through your Entrepreneurial Ideas & solve social issues with IT.