Political Obstacles for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

As we know about the current status of Pakistani Politics let me try to brief & enlightening some stops for the Entrepreneurial Substances. It is some sort of my ideas accord with example of developing and under developed states and strategies building of under developed countries, I am studying different research article on poverty alliance on South-Asia country being a student of information technology and public administration going to develop the model special the case studying of Pakistan. The variable of this model is Political environment, accountability of Public institutes, investment plan for SME, how to reduce the corruption, most important component is policy and modification of policy and current issues to which we are facing.


Now just snap-shot of whole model with few examples:

Political Environment of Country:

Political environment depends upon the political environment dear so India and Pakistan has similar political environment but India is progressing more rapidly and also the corruption is increasing but their political environment is stable because their developing political environment is depending conses oriented mean elected by the people and now their complain of elections show that liberal environment dear I am not supporting the old story of democracy always talk about the system.

Investment Plans for SME:

As few day before I read a status that entrepreneurship is best way to boost the economy but according to my definition is superb way to boost the social economic and environment of country but still depending on the policy of country like china is increase the investment in their local states and give the best example

Reduce the corruption:

Corruption refer toward the injustice of environment which is run in any system now most of the political scientist come toward the result that it is parallel economy of any country who is just like parasite on economy it cannot eliminated but it can reduce only the way providing accountable system so currently our system are not system depended it is personal depended and always change with the change of person so we should change the thing and should developed the system which will be remain working if people are changed but their working of institute are not changed.

Improvement and Modification of Policy making:

Policy is the frame work of the country according to which government provided the services to the common people so many developed country change and modified their policy according development of such as Indian health policy and investment on increasing water reservoir are increased and china policy is modified accordingly investment of Local investment in short Bangladesh change their policy of investment. So problem can be identify and change of policy is accord and in which rate of tax will satisfied the need of common man. Beautiful example of policy making of Hazrat Omar Farooq(R.A) system.

In-short and true reality of our system is that we have no system and economy is boost in 2009 and 1956 is best period for the Pakistan because foreign investor invested in Pakistan. Industry is boost and local government model are implemented but democratic government ruined it. I think and believe just system are build rest of all problem will be solve but it take time.

Note: This topic is actually was the status on my Post, I just modified this comment and made the Post. Indeed Great thoughts by Mudassar Akhtar.


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