Power of Boot-Strapping

What is Boot-Strapping:

In general parlance, bootstrapping usually refers to the starting of a self-sustaining process that is supposed to proceed without external input.

Let me share an important story of my life. It my experience which i faced, Today I’ll share and tell you about “How to build a Company from Zero Dollar” here is an inspirational Story.


Hi, I’m Abu Bakar Sadeeq – A bootstrapping Entrepreneur from Pakistan. I Started my Startup from Boot-strapping. My Startup aim to automate the Grain Market (Ghalla Mandi) through IT services. I didn’t have even a penny to start my Startup. But i didn’t lose hope. It was only my passion which helped me alot to do it. Well! I surveyed into Grain Market, By Profession I’m an IT Professional, but for the sake of my Startup, I spent my 25 in Grain Market to learn about their Architecture, in the meanwhile i learned the whole automation process and pain points to solve, on the other hand I got 2 GOD father customers as well. It was really a good time for me, it was looking like my dream will really coming true in some months. Now its going really well. We are currently into the build stage of our Ghalla Store Product. But it was really a great way to learn.

I’m currently a Microsoft Student Partner, IT Student in IU Bahawalpur, I with my Developer Partner developed 126 Windows Store Apps just in 4 months.

At the end, my advice for all the young Entrepreneurs is “Don’t go for the VC & Investors, If you have talent then do Bootstrap your company. As VC is a time bomb.

Best Regards,
Abu Bakar Sadeeq.


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