Why Pakistan Needs Its Own Google AdExchange


Valued in billions and earning millions, AppNexus competes head on with Google’s AdExchange as an open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform that empowers advertisers to more effectively buy a publishers inventory with contextual relevance.
When it comes to digital marketing, Umair Mohsin is one of Pakistan’s most revered figures for being one of the few able to brag ten plus years in the game – long before Facebook emerged and created a plethora of self proclaimed social media experts. Given the low contextual relevance of most online banner and flash ads around various publisher networks, he had this to say on the viability of a dedicated platform for Pakistan:

“Lack of trust on publishers side (it will not be easy to get publishers to put your code on their websites), Payments Issues and most importantly there’s no one who has the skill-sets to develop an Ad Exchange locally or willing to invest in it for the long term if we take US partners.”

So clearly, there is a trust gap and a talent gap. But here’s why advertisers & publishers world-wide are getting serious:

In 2013,Columbia Business School and INSEAD released findings from A Field Study of Mobile Display Advertising Effects on Consumer Attitudes and Intentions which stated that global spending on mobile advertising is expected to exceed $62.8 billion by 2017. Marketers with products that are lower involvement could position their products as more utilitarian or higher involvement when advertising in the mobile channel.

In 2014, Harvard Business School’s released a paper on “Contextual Intelligence” which shared that managers should conduct their own experiments to learn about the local context, or risk alienating their target groups.

In 2015, Columbia Business School (again), Oxford University & Babson released findings titled “When the Energy Level in the Commercial Conflicts with the Media Context” which revealed the brand equity and preference deteriorates when non contextual ads interrupt the media consumption past-time.

That and the proven “earning via assists” based model developed by AppNexus – copied and executed to perfection by Green & Red – leaves no room on the commercial viability of this venture. As for the talent gap, Pakistan’s one and only conversion marketing agency isMWM Studioz, famous for its guaranteed sales for leading textile, apparel and fashion brands.

VC’s and deep pockets of the nation need to nominate them and other experts to lead the change and develop a venture that could upset the Google monopoly for smart inventory control and eye ball targeting.

If nothing else, rumor has it that Google Pakistan’s ex-CEO is doing just that. Step up or prepare to switch!